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A spectacular landscape design is the icing on the cake of owning a piece of the natural wonder that is Victoria, BC.

When it comes to a holistic design for your outdoor space, working with a landscape designer is the key to making your property stand out among the beautiful homes and gardens in Victoria.

A landscaper can make your vision for an outdoor dream space a reality once it is viewed through the expert lens of an experienced professional. What’s more, our professional landscape design will be suited to your tastes and compliment your abilities for ongoing maintenance.

Landscaping Contractors Victoria

Landscape design goes beyond simply planting flowers and keeping the lawn trimmed. In Victoria, landscape design can incorporate many elements including gazebos and spectacular water features, complete with custom micro irrigation systems.

Investing in landscape design can vastly increase your living space as the mild climate in Victoria allows for near year-round enjoyment of the outdoor areas surrounding your property. Whether you want a simple arrangement that you can care for yourself, or you’re looking for fully managed landscape services after the initial design, Bald Eagle Landscaping has the experience and expertise to deliver what you need.

Consider our landscape design products and services to help you start getting more out of outdoor living.

Gazebo Construction Victoria

A gazebo will turn any outdoor space into the perfect place for entertainment or relaxation, but quality gazebo construction is essential. Bald Eagle Landscaping is just the contractor you need to help build a beautiful, comfortable space that will stand the test of time.

Your gazebo can provide a focal point for your landscape design. It can also serve as the shaded, secluded space your family and guests retire to after a long day. If you love the idea of a gazebo in your garden but don’t have space, an arbor can create a visual separation without minimizing the footprint. With creative landscape design from Bald Eagle Landscaping, an enjoyable outdoor space is closer than you think.

Water Features Victoria

Ponds, fountains and waterfalls can be among the most breathtaking elements of your landscaping. The soothing sound of running water make your outdoor space a picture of tranquility.

A waterless pond, which combines the serenity of a waterfall with the benefit of continuous drainage, can be a good choice for families with young children or small pets.

A traditional pond with aquatic plants and animals allows you to give back to the environment while enjoying a peaceful outdoor setting on your property. The perfect blend of terrestrial and aquatic landscaping can be yours after a consultation with Bald Eagle Landscaping. We can also provide ongoing maintenance and services for landscape design, making it an effortless feature that enhances your property’s value while increasing your enjoyment.

Garden Pathways and Walkways

What better way to lead guests around your beautiful, landscaped property than with a garden pathway specially set out by a landscape designer? Whether you choose crushed gravel, flagstone or interlocking pavers for your walkway, we can help to ensure a beautiful, long-lasting arrangement for your property.

At Bald Eagle Landscaping, our goal is to listen to your ideas and wishes while taking the unique conditions of your property into consideration. With our expertise and your design vision, your Victoria property can be even more beautiful than you imagined. Contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation.