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A custom irrigation system is an investment in your property.

Once a landscape design has been implemented, the care and maintenance phase is the one that is most daunting to property owners. Victoria water conservation by-laws and the environmental impact of your landscape design and landscape construction must be taken into consideration. A custom irrigation system can help ensure that your lawn and garden are beautifully maintained in accordance with local regulations.

Effective Custom Irrigation Systems

Your landscape’s watering needs are different from those in other parts of British Columbia, and they may even differ significantly from the house next door. A custom irrigation system from Bald Eagle Landscaping will ensure that every area of your property receives the right amount of water coverage.

A properly installed irrigation system does more than save you time, it can save money and conserve water through the use of sensors to prevent the system from turning on during rainy periods. We can ensure not one drop of water is wasted while maintaining a breathtaking landscape for your property.

Efficient Micro Irrigation Systems

Micro irrigation systems are also known as low-volume irrigation or drip irrigation systems. They deliver exactly enough water directly to the roots of plants, thus virtually eliminating water waste. Through increased control and water savings, a micro irrigation system can offer great value to property owners hoping to maintain lush landscapes while preserving environmental integrity.

Victoria Landscape Irrigation Specialists

Landscape irrigation systems from Bald Eagle Landscaping are tailored to the unique soil and atmospheric conditions in Victoria. Our lawn and garden irrigation systems can be set up to automatically follow the Water Conservation Bylaw Watering Schedule set out by the City of Victoria.

Bald Eagle Landscaping has been providing expert landscape design and landscape construction services in Victoria, BC, for over 30 years. Our landscape irrigation services are backed by deep, experienced knowledge of the trees, flowers and plants that thrive in the conditions native to life on Vancouver Island. Contact us to get started on a gorgeous landscape design plan for your property.