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Landscaping Services Victoria

Bald Eagle Landscaping offers a complete line of landscaping services in Victoria to make your landscaping dreams come true. 

Choose from a broad array of services to enhance the beauty of your property: 

Ponds/waterless ponds
Irrigation systems
Micro irrigation systems

Interlocking pavers 
Rock walls 
Retaining walls 
Decks and patios


Landscaping Contractors Victoria

When you are choosing a landscaper in Victoria, experience matters. Bald Eagle Landscaping has a 30-year history of satisfied customers in Victoria and the surrounding Mid-Island communities. We have the local expertise to ensure that the landscape design we develop together is one that suits your tastes, your availability and aptitude for ongoing maintenance, and your budget. 

Landscaping services in Victoria, BC mean more than just plants and flowers that beautify your property. A professional landscaping design involves a landscape with as much, or as little, hands-on maintenance as you desire. The outdoor spaces around your property are in excellent hands with Bald Eagle Landscaping. See examples of the beautiful landscape design and landscape construction services we have provided in our project gallery.

Landscape Designer Victoria

A landscape designer in Victoria should have enough familiarity with your neighbourhood and the surrounding properties to arrive with a solid understanding of what will and will not work for your landscape design. When you have a vision for your property, your landscape designer's number one job moving forward is to develop a breathtaking scene that takes your heart's desire into consideration.  

Landscape design services can include ongoing maintenance and custom irrigation systems that maintain your landscaping expertly, and in accordance with the local watering restriction guidelines set out by the City of Victoria and the CRD. 

We have been helping to make the outdoor spaces around Victoria even more beautiful for three decades, and we look forward to bringing your garden vision to life. Visit our landscape design services page for more information. 

Landscape Construction Victoria 

Professional landscapers do more much than plant flowers and water the lawn. Landscape construction is a critical element of any design. With retaining walls that decorate and protect your space from surrounding areas; durable fences that safeguard your privacy; and driveway construction that creates a safe, natural path to your home or business, there is much more to landscape construction than meets the eye. 

Selecting a landscaping contractor in Victoria that can help you create a structure around your property that is safe, functional and long-lasting is easy when you choose to work with Bald Eagle Landscaping. Browse our landscape construction services to see what we offer.

The first step towards a beautiful landscape for your property is a no-obligation consultation with Bald Eagle Landscaping. Call us in Victoria at (250) 727-2262, and at (250) 954-3834 for Mid-Island landscape design and landscape construction services. You may also complete our contact form for a quick callback at your convenience.

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